Did you know that you can keep your home’s interior updated with gorgeous accent wall colors? The Fillo Painting team is excited to share the color palettes dominating this year’s interior design trends, including a move away from the various shades of grey that have dominated the past decade. The 2021 color scheme seems set to add dimension with a pop of color, but which will it be for this season’s accent wall colors?


New Accent Wall Color Ideas

Design trends are not ready for a complete return to the 1970s neons, and there are sure to be a few baby steps on the breakaway journey from the recent black and white trend. Minimalism is still satisfying, but there’s room for brown, beige, and bronze in the coming season.

Here are some of Fillo Painting’s favorite emerging accent wall colors:


Deep Reddish Brown by Farrow and Ball

Earthy and warm, the latest wall accent colors by Farrow & Ball add a little opulence and drama to any room. It complements citrus-tinged whites, and we recommend Deep Reddish Brown for doors, trim, and other aesthetic enhancing features.

Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams

As a deep yet subtle hue, Urbane Bronze evokes silent reflection. You will feel like you are drawing inspiration from decades gone by but with a fresh outlook. Sherwin Williams melds several aspects of interior design with this color, from the 1970s richness to the more recent grayscale trend.

Pale Apricot by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

As a welcoming shade, Pale Apricot by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams enhances bedrooms and entryways. When bathed in sunlight, the paint reveals the slightest pink hue. It’s subtle but extremely effective in lifting the mood.


Other Popular Accent Wall Colors

Why not try a bolder accent color? More daring accent wall colors for 2021 include blues, reds, and yellows.


Satin Paprika by Rust-Oleum

If you love furniture accents, Satin Paprika by Rust-Oleum is cozy but lively. The tone from the popular spray-paint company is warm and spicy, perfect with other earthy colors, metallics, and flat blacks.

Illuminating by Pantone

Homeowners looking to add an upbeat milieu will be pleased to know that Illuminating by Pantone can make anyone feel more positive. It seems to capture sunshine and bring it indoors, like an antique oil painting of cheerful dandelions. The nostalgic yellow brightens any room as one of the happiest accent wall colors of the season.

Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball

Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball provides a regal feel that is almost magical. It is deep, dark, and bold, richly saturated with subtle green undertones. It needs a study, parlor, or outdoor oasis where deep thinkers can languish.


Fillo Painting’s Best Accent Wall Colors

So, what are our choices for 2021 accent wall colors? Here are Fillo Painting’s top two recommendations for your new interior:


Canyon Dusk by Behr

Organic and bold, Canyon Dusk by Behr is taken right out of nature. It is reminiscent of unfired clay, like the horizon after a particularly unforgettable sunset. We think it might be one of the best accent wall colors ever, but you will want to see it for yourself.

Brinjal by Farrow and Ball

The eggplant-inspired tones of Brinjal by Farrow and Ball provide subdued energy for any lounge or bathroom. Complement it with metallic fixtures, velvety furniture, and floral paintings, and it is a winner.

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