White house with painted brick exterior

Just because you have a brick home, doesn’t mean it needs to stay the reddish, warm colors that comes with brick. Painting brick exteriors has become popular for many homeowners and is a beautiful design aesthetic that has taken the country by storm. Is this something you’ve been considering lately? We walk you through everything you need to know before painting your brick exterior.

Benefits of Painting Exterior Brick

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to painting your brick exterior. Oftentimes, these homes are more outdated, and a new coat of paint is just what is needed to refresh the look and create more curb appeal. Painting your brick is a modern look that turns a traditional appearance into an aesthetic, minimalistic look.

In addition to the benefits in appearance that painted brick offers, you will also find that the paint is much easier to manage than a bare brick layer. For one, paint acts as a sealant to protect your house from the elements. It also combats the naturally porous texture of brick, making it difficult for dirt and debris to get into the cracks. This provides a smooth surface that is easy to clean with a quick power wash.


With all the pros, painting brick comes with a few factors to consider.

The most important aspect to remember is that the paint is permanent. Once a layer of coat goes onto your brick exterior, it is not coming off. Trying to revert it back to its original brick is a very difficult and costly process. The upside to this is that paint can always be repainted which means you can change your home’s hue down the line if you’re feeling something different.

Cleaning is another factor that comes with painted brick. While the ease of cleaning is a plus, you will have to clean it more often than you would if it were exposed brick. This is because dirt, mildew, and other debris hides easily against brick but shows up more easily on painted exteriors. The good news is that cleaning is only an occasional chore and can be completed within a few hours.

Paint Color Ideas for Brick

White- This is one of the most common colors for painted brick these days especially among those who are looking for a modern look. This is a great color that completely refreshes the exterior and helps make other details of the home pop.

Cream- Cream or beige is a good alternative for those who aren’t ready for the stark, bright appearance of white. This is a warmer tone that creates a timeless look for homes.

Gray- There are many shades of gray you can choose from if you’re looking for a non-white neutral. From light gray to greige which is a color that’s warmer than gray but cooler than beige, there are plenty of beautiful options.

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