Painting is a great way to add personality, professionalism, and style to your space, no matter what industry you work in. But painting an office is very different from painting a home. After all, there are particular needs and goals for an office space that you need to keep in mind. If you own a business, remember the following considerations.


Part of the reason you’ve probably considered painting is to make your business look more presentable. That means updating to more modern and stylish colors, and using paint colors that reflect your company’s personality. For example, metallic tones are appropriate for internet-based companies, and soft blues and greens–colors that invite relaxation–are great for spas and salons.

Finishes also affect the appearance of your walls, and even change the tone of the business. For example, glossy surfaces are brighter and more reflective, and tend to be more popular in restaurants and bars. More “stylish” places, like lounges, boutique stores, and cafes, prefer matte paint. It has a flat, even finish that doesn’t reflect light, for a sophisticated and subdued appearance.


A good paint job should be durable and long-lasting. An office space hosts a number of guests: employees, customers, clients, and other passersby. High-quality paint is more durable. While all businesses strive to keep costs low, low-quality paint must be replaced more often, so you end up spending double or triple the original cost to repair damaged walls. It’s a business-savvy move to invest in a nice paint. It will look nicer and more professional, too!

Use semi-gloss paint for walls and other surfaces that can be cleaned regularly. Invest in commercial repaints if you have any damaged surfaces–chipping, peeling, discolored, or stained walls.

Always leave painting in the hands of a commercial painting company. You’ll get a better, longer-lasting paint job, including products that are designed for high-traffic areas. When you choose to work with commercial painting contractors, even white walls will stay white, no matter how many handprints interfere with them.

Caring for Freshly-Painted Walls

Comparing Paint Swatches and Wood SamplesPainting is important to make an office look its best, but business can’t wait! So, while the paint is fresh, make sure everyone is being careful around the office. First, you should clean up any scuff marks or smears as soon as you see them. The longer a mark is on a wall, the easier it will set and become a stain. While you can certainly paint over stains, this can be a pricier option than everyday maintenance.

Clean spots lightly with a soft cloth and water, dabbing the surface, not scrubbing it. Scrubbing can damage the paint job. If that doesn’t work, add a gentle cleaning solution, and scrub until it fades. Then, call a local painter for repairs if necessary. Small touch-ups aren’t very pricey at all.

So, who should you call for the best office paint jobs? Fillo Painting is your first choice for commercial painting in Atlanta, no matter what industry you work in! Call us today to schedule a consultation.