Wallpaper roomWallpaper is back in style, freshly recovered from the past, where many thought it had been left behind. Unique wallpaper patterns, like geometric backsplash and patterned rugs, give you a chance to show some personality as you decorate. But are you really better off wallpapering a room than hiring a painting contractor in Roswell, GA, to give your home a fresh coat of stylish color?

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages, disadvantages, and style recommendations for wallpapering a room of your home.


Professional painters strongly recommend preparing walls for painting, especially if the wall is dirty, damaged, located outdoors, or has a strong existing paint color that you hope to cover up. Painters prep walls because it improves the results, giving your walls a smooth and even coat of color that will last longer without flaws like chipping or crackling. But sometimes, you can actually skip this step when painting, especially if you have an existing finish on the wall. However, this is best left to professional painters to determine.

With wallpapering, prep isn’t just a recommendation, it’s a necessity. That’s because, rather than being applied onto the wall and being slightly absorbed by it, wallpaper is applied superficially to cover the surface. Chemicals and stripping tools are needed to remove any existing wallpaper, and you may have to prime the surface anyway. You can expect to spend far more time preparing a wall for wallpaper than for paint.

Style Options

Paint and wallpaper both come in a nearly endless variety of colors and styles. However, wallpaper gives you more option in terms of pattern. Patterning a wall with paint requires several steps and the use of some carefully applied painter’s tape. Paint comes in a variety of glosses and sheens for different effects, many of which give the illusion of texture and even color variation.

However, paint color doesn’t go out of style as quickly as an intricate wallpaper pattern might. So while you might select wallpaper that looks stylish now, you can be left with a disappointingly strong style choice when it falls out of fashion. It’s also far easier to decorate around a painted surface than a wallpapered one.


Painted roomPainters strongly recommend against applying wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms. The high moisture can interfere with the delicate adhesives that keep wallpaper in place. This can make wallpaper bubble or even peel away from the wall, which will look terrible. Paint is less likely to develop moisture-related flaws, especially if you hired a painting company to treat moisture-exposed surfaces accordingly.

While you can scrub and clean wallpaper to keep it looking new, paint may chip in highly trafficked areas. However, it’s easily to spot treat and repair, or even repaint, surfaces with new paint. If wallpaper develops irreparable¬†damage, you’l have to replace the entire section of paper.


Wallpaper and paint can both drastically differ in price, depending on the products you use and the amount of space you need to cover. However, wallpaper tends to be more expensive, given the need for paper rolls and related supplies. Painting requires fewer supplies, less installation time, and a lower financial investment, unless you buy luxury-brand paint with effects like high sheen and texture.

Overall, hiring a painting contractor in Roswell, GA, to paint your rooms is a much more versatile, cost-effective, durable, and stylish option. Fillo Painting Contractors can help you select paint colors that will make very room look more elegant and show off your personality. Get in touch with Fillo Painting Contractors today to give every room a face lift with a beautiful coat of paint.