Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where you rest the night away, release the stress of your day, and even linger and relax on weekend mornings. So it’s very important that you style your bedroom perfectly to create a feeling of comfort and luxury.

One of the best ways that you can improve any bedroom is to paint it. Paint can change the tone of a room and even bring out the best color and textural notes in your furniture and linens. And while there are some well-known choices that are great for bedrooms, like soft blue or cool gray, there are some colors that you should absolutely avoid. Here are the top colors that home interior and exterior painters strongly recommend against for bedroom walls and ceilings.


Red is a very intense color choice to begin with, and there are many reasons why it’s particularly bad for bedrooms. Studies have shown that environments heavy in the color red actually raise your energy levels, and can even incite anger. These are the feelings that you definitely want to keep out of the bedroom.

While red is a great choice for home exterior painting because it’s bold energy attracts the eye, especially on a long block of houses, keep it out of your bedroom. A muted red-brown is a softer and more appropriate alternative.


For the same reasons as red, orange can interrupt your sleep. Orange in your bedroom can make you restless, which is why it’s a great color for playrooms and other, more social rooms. Orange is a favorite choice in Mediterranean style homes, but only in the pool cabana, den, kitchen, and other social areas of the house.

There’s another surprising reason why orange isn’t a great choice for bedrooms. The touch of brown in most shades of orange can make your bedroom look way too neutral, especially if you have plenty of furniture with a natural wooden finish — a common choice for headboards, dressers, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture. Try a terracotta paint color for hints of orange that have a softer, more relaxing hue.

Lime Green

Couple PaintingLime green isn’t the best choice for a bedroom. While certain shades of green can feel calming and reminiscent of nature,  lime green doesn’t invoke that same energy. That’s because lime green has way too much vibrancy to give bedrooms a relaxing effect. If you must paint any room bright green, choose the kitchen or breakfast nook, where the energy lift will actually be beneficial.


Here’s a perhaps shocking word of advice: don’t paint your bedroom white! White is a great neutral color in most rooms, and exterior home painting contractors love white for its ability to brighten up older homes and give them a face lift. However, white isn’t the best choice for your bedroom because it’s too sterile. It’s the most neutral of neutrals, a blank color that matches with nearly everything else, but also has no real personality of its own. Choose a soft sea blue or mint green to give your bedroom some much-needed calming tones.

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