Getting ready to hire a commercial painter to come in and redo your office space? We share some ideas for paint that will help boost creativity and productivity, transforming your office into a space that people enjoy working in.

Psychology of Color

Color can make a large impact on your mood with different colors eliciting different responses from individuals. Some colors are able to create an excited atmosphere while others promote calmer environments. When done incorrectly, you may even mistakenly create a dull work setting. For instance, gray is a popular, neutral color that many will use to create a modern look. However, in some cases, this turns out being depressing or suggests a lack of confidence when it comes to a workspace. This leaves you with something uninspiring that may actually negatively impact your employees.

So, what colors should you consider when you’re repainting the office? Here are some suggestions depending on the mood you are trying to create.


Red is a color that signals urgency and creates a stimulating place to work. Although this isn’t ideal to for work spaces, it is commonly used in emergency services and can benefit organizations like construction companies who are always on the move.


This color has many shades that create different atmospheres. Like red, it can be useful for portraying a stimulating workspace and helps to increase output. On the other hand, using lighter tones of this can be great for boosting mood and adding energy in a subtle way while also balancing calm.


Green is a great color that brings about reassurance and calm. This is a color that can help balance out workspaces where employees may be dealing with lots of ups and downs such as in the financial industry. It creates a tranquil space to work, and the plus side is that it is really easy on the eyes and can help relieve strain.


Yellow is a happy color that brings joy to those who see it. It is a great color to use in creative spaces where you want employees thinking on their toes and innovatively. You can go with brighter tones or muted tones of yellow to create different effects but overall, it should lead to increased creative productivity.


Finally, if you are looking for something more neutral, go with an off-white rather than white. White can be a stark color to work in and create a feeling of working in a clinical setting. Choosing something that doesn’t contrast as much can provide a much softer environment while still giving you the benefits of a bright workspace.

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