Paint PaletteHouse paint wears over time. Having a professional paint the interior of your home from time to time will ensure that it always looks great when you have guests. How frequently you need to paint each of your rooms depends on which room it is and how frequently you use it. Here are some tips on when you should have an interior house painting done.

Living Room and Dining Room

If you have an interior painting professional paint the interior of your home, they will use high-quality durable paint which will last for several years. Most people will use their living room much more than their dining room, but this won’t affect the paint on the walls that much if they are coated with a durable paint. The issue comes if a less durable paint has been used on the walls as it will fade faster. You usually want to ensure that the living room and dining room walls are painted every five to seven years.

Kitchen and Bathroom

While you can avoid painting a living room or dining room for five to seven years, you may need to have a kitchen or bathroom repainted a little sooner. If you cook in the kitchen frequently, food is likely to splatter on the walls, causing the need to clean them. From showering to washing up, no room in your home likely uses more water than a bathroom. For this reason, these rooms should be painted about every three to four years. The durable paint used by a professional may allow them to last a little longer, but you should expect to give it a new coat of paint within five to seven years.


The frequency in which a bedroom needs to be repainted depends on who is using it. Adults typically only use bedrooms for sleeping at night so a repainting may only be needed when you want to change the color. The bedrooms of children should be repainted much more frequently. Rather than simply using the bedroom to sleep, children also use their bedrooms as a play area, causing the needs to frequently clean the walls. Even with protective coats that a professional painter uses, the need for repainting will arise every two to three years.

Painting InteriorHallways

Hallways and corridors of your home are much smaller spaces than any other room of your home. The traffic through these areas causes a variety of dents and scuff marks to appear over a period of time, causing the need for a repaint. Having your hallway repainted every two to three years by a professional will ensure that they remain looking great when visitors come through your home.

The frequency in which you need the interior of your house painted depends on the room and traffic. While some need to be repainted every two to three years, others may last up to seven years before they need a touch-up. Use these timelines to determine when you need an interior house painting in Marietta. When that time comes, call the professionals at Fillo Painting.