When many people think of interior paint color, they solely consider the aesthetic properties and the appearance a color will present visually. However, color is far more than a superficial visual component, as it can have a powerful impact on the psychology of human beings. Many studies have been conducted to determine how specific colors may bring on feelings of happiness, contentment, anger, or calm. Fortunately, that information can be used to benefit businesses that want to encourage a boost to productivity among their employees by hiring a commercial painting company to reinvent the workspace.

If you’re thinking of hiring a provider of industrial painting services in Marietta, GA, to recast your work environment, consider doing some research into the impact that colors can have on your staff. By doing so, you can avoid colors that encourage unwanted feelings while focusing on colors that will provide a boost to your bottom line through better work performance and productivity. Keep reading to learn what colors can elicit the desired response from your team members.


Blue is a powerful color choice in the office or industrial environment because it has a dual purpose. First, it can calm the mind and increase the focus of your employees, allowing them to stay on-task and follow through on their responsibilities. Because it’s so calming, blue is commonly used in institutional spaces where peace and serenity are key, such as jails. It can also be used to stimulate the mind, which brings heightened alertness that can help stave off the mid-afternoon consciousness crash that many employees complain about in the modern workplace. Blue is a great color to use throughout the workspace because it reduces stress and cognitive exhaustion.


Green, like blue, tends to have a calming effect on the mind as well. Green reminds us of nature, and as a result, it’s a great color to use to create mental balance and peace in the workplace. It has been known to increase efficiency among employees who typically work long hours because it decreases eye fatigue and helps team members maintain focus over long shifts.


Office with Yellow WallYellow is the color of creativity, as it’s known for its inspirational qualities and ability to jump-start the creative process in the workplace. It can increase productivity of those who are engaged in creative endeavors, such as writers, graphic designers, artists, or architects. Think of yellow as the color of the sun. Therefore, it conveys positivity, lightness, and optimism. It can be used in spaces where there may not be much natural light to stimulate positive thoughts and keep the emotions of your employees buoyed throughout the workday. Yellow is a powerful positive mood enhancer, and can therefore be useful in rigorous or stressful workplaces.


Red is a bold color that stimulates action in the workplace. Many modern CEOs and leaders use red flashes in their professional wardrobes because it promotes power, strength, and movement. It’s also the perfect color for use in areas of your workspace that involve regular physical exertion, such as warehouses and loading docks. It can be used to draw attention to specific points in the office as well. Therefore, if there’s something that you need your employees to see, it can be painted red to demand their attention.


Orange is a great color for use in any workplace that includes food service or a kitchenette, since it is typically associated with food. Therefore, it can stimulate hunger, which is why it’s a prominent color in restaurant signage and logos. However, it also splits the difference between yellow and red in tone. It stimulates positivity, excitement, and enthusiasm as well as inspiring physical exertion and movement. You don’t have to use orange as your primary paint color in the office setting to reap its benefits, as even sparing use of the vibrant color can have a positive effect.

If you’re planning your next commercial painting project, make sure that you consider the impact of the colors that you use in your workspace. Colors can have a profound impact on employee performance, and can be used to improve productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. To learn more about the impact paint color can have in the workplace, contact Fillo Painting at (770) 769-7941.