The exterior of residential and commercial buildings will accumulate dirt and grime over time. It’s inevitable because the outside of your building is exposed to wind and weather 24/7. A fresh paint job makes a big difference in the curb appeal of your home, but before you start painting, you should consider getting the exterior pressure-washed.

Clean the Surface

If you want the new paint to adhere to your exterior walls, you must start out with a clean surface. Otherwise, paint will adhere to the dirt and the next good rainstorm will wash off some of the dirt along with the paint, leaving ugly patches on your exterior walls. The pollutants on your exterior walls can also mix with the paint and change how it looks on your wall. Lastly, any grime and debris stuck to your wall will make the paint job look bumpy.

After you have the exterior pressure-washed, you will have to wait for the surface to dry before the paint can be applied. In some cases, you may decide that painting isn’t even necessary because pressure-washing returned your home close to its original condition. Of course, if the exterior paint is chipping off and looking blotchy, then pressure-washing won’t make enough of a difference, and you’ll still need to paint.

Protect the Surroundings

Before you can start, it’s important to protect any light fixtures or plants. While pressure washing shouldn’t include any harsh chemicals, the plants next to your home still need to be protected from the cleaning products. As with applying interior house paint in Johns Creek, it’s important to use painter’s tape to protect any hardware. You may even be able to keep these protective coverings used for pressure-washing to use during exterior painting, too.

Regular Pressure Washing Is Important

You don’t have to wait with scheduling a thorough cleaning of your exterior until it’s time to paint. In fact, it’s a good idea to have your home or commercial building pressure-washed regularly to reduce the buildup of grime, mold, and mildew. This prevents the buildup of pollutants and keeps the house looking beautiful all year long.