Make Needed Repairs

Fillo Painting will take the time to survey your home and see if there is any damage to the outside that may need fixing before you can paint. You wouldn’t want to have a new coat of paint applied if there is underlying damage. This could mean replacing any siding that’s been damaged, fixing wood rot, or replacing structural aspects of the home.

Select Your Colors

Picking out colors is the most exciting part of this process. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this. Maybe you’ve had a classic dream color scheme in mind, or you are wanting to get creative and add some color. Make sure to take into consideration the look of the neighborhood you live in as well as your home’s resale value in the future and any HOA guidelines if they exist.

Monitor Pets

We can get so caught up in cleaning and preparing for the big paint day that we forget about the chaos it is for our furry friends. If you have pets that spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you to keep an eye on them the day of by keeping them inside or sending them off to daycare for the day. There is a lot that can go on from supplies being moved around to sanding and spraying. It’s a good idea to keep your pet’s presence in mind.

Remove Obstacles

When you’ve lived in a house for so long, you tend to accumulate things for several reasons. Many homes will have hoses, sheds, outlets, plants, etc. surrounding the outside of the house. These will need to be moved before painting can commence. It helps contractors maintain a steady flow and it keeps you from running around the day of painting to move things you are worried will get painted on.

Clean the Surface

Some contractors also offer power washing surfaces to help clear your home of any debris and contaminants. You can check with the contractor beforehand to see if they are able to clean the home or if you’ll need to look into doing it yourself. You can go over your home with a soap bucket and scrubber or rent a power washer yourself.

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