Choosing the right color for your office can be a difficult task. Whether you’re looking to brighten up an area, create a cohesive look throughout your space, or just update the walls with something new, selecting the right color can be the difference between a dull and inviting space. There are a few key things to keep in mind when selecting colors for your workspace. Before making a decision, consider the following areas for your interior commercial painting:

Colors That Last in High Traffic Areas

When selecting a color for high-traffic areas, it’s important to choose one that will last. Neutrals and light colors tend to be more forgiving so consider these if you find yourself in a high-traffic area:

  • Neutral tones: Whites, grays, and tans can provide an elegant look in any office environment without having to worry about the color fading or chipping away.
  • Light colors: Pastels and light blues can also be a great choice for areas that experience a lot of activity.

These shades will help to brighten up an area while still looking professional.

Coordinating the Colors

Once you’ve decided on a color, it’s time to think about how it will coordinate with the other interior design elements in your office. Look at your furniture, artwork, and any other decor items you have in the space, and see how they can be used to complement the paint color you select.

For example, if you’re looking for a warm, inviting office space, consider painting the walls in a shade of orange or yellow and incorporating neutral-colored furniture to create an overall cohesive look. If your decor is mostly blue or green, consider painting the walls in a lighter shade of the same color so that everything ties together with your commercial painting project.

Painting Trends in Interior Painting

Current trends can be a big help in showing you what colors and styles are popular in interior commercial painting. Maybe it’s something you’ve never considered such as bold statements like metallics and bold colors. Other trends to consider are the following:

  • Light colors: These are popular right now because they provide a clean and airy feel in any room—consider indigo, and peppery for a light feel.
  • Dark walls: This trend is on the rise because it creates a cozy atmosphere that feels inviting and warm—try a deep charcoal or brown for a classic vintage look.
  • Neutral: This trend may never go out of style and is a great way to make sure your office looks timeless. Opt for lighter shades of beige, white, and gray to create a sophisticated look that will be in for years to come.

Your Commercial Painting Experts: Fillo Painting

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