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Siding plays a big role in protecting your home. Therefore, it is iportant to regularly inspect your home’s exterior, so you are completely aware of its condition. Those who keep a close eye on it can spot the first signs of wear and tear. Once you begin to notice these signs, you may be curious whether it means you need to call in a siding repair or a siding replacement. Here’s how to know if your siding should be repaired or replaced.

Signs to Repair Siding

Choosing to repair siding can depend on the type of siding your home has. Vinyl siding is easy to maintain but very thin which can lead cracks. Wood siding is very attractive but can be damaged with moisture or heavy hail. If the damage is relatively isolated and you are able to replace the individual damaged board, you could stick with repair. This could involve sanding down wood or unhooking vinyl siding and nailing in replacements.

A good contractor can tell you the extent of the damage your siding has and whether it needs a full replacement or a quick repair.

Signs to Replace Siding

Extensive damage is a sign to replace your siding. Physical damage is one of the first things to look for when deciding. Damaged siding can lead to expensive repairs to your home in the future. This barrier protects the frame of your house and, if damaged, can lead to moisture and rot in your home. If you find that boards are cracking or that there is rotting, mold, or fungus, you should replace your siding as soon as possible. Other types of physical damage you may notice on your siding is pests. Animals and insects can leave holes in your siding that can lead to more problems down the line.

Beyond the physical signs, there are other indications your home can give you that it is time for a switch, Interior damage can be a glimpse into a bigger problem so if you notice any moisture damage or mold on the inside, it is a good idea to have someone inspect your siding. High energy bills can also signal a weakened barrier. Worn siding can lead to fluctuating temperatures in the house. These could be small gaps or holes in siding that you aren’t able to see.

Reasons unrelated to damage can also affect your decision. If your siding is between 10 to 15 years old, it may be time to look at upgrading your current exterior for something newer. Wanting to change up the look of your home is also a reason to replace your siding. Maybe you are tired of the faded color after years of sun or just want to refresh the exterior. A siding replacement does that for you.

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