Where to start? Interior paint jobs can seem overwhelming before you begin, especially if you want to paint the whole house. Oftentimes, the best way to proceed is by choosing just one room to start in. here is some professional advice on how to start with one room from our professional painters in Alpharetta.

The Living Room

The living room, or great room, is an obvious choice, and not just because it’s the biggest. It is where you and family members spend the most time, where guests probably spend the most time, and where all the other rooms of the house converge. If this sounds like your living room, then consider making it your starting point.

So, start with your living room. It will set the tone for the rest of the house. Do you want it to be more of a relaxing space? An energizing, invigorating, and socializing place? A bit of both? There are plenty of ways to paint a great room so that it is functional, comfortable, and stylish. Once you’ve got the perfect color scheme for the wall paint, trim, and furniture, then you can decide how to make the rest of the house complement that room. It doesn’t necessarily need to match the room exactly, unless you like the symmetrical simplicity of having one color throughout every room of the house. Otherwise, you can change the color in each room while sticking to an over-arching theme.

The Kitchen

The kitchen may seem like a less obvious place to start, but for many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Many families spend more time in the kitchen and dining areas than in the living room! Is this like your family? Do you love to host and entertain parties and prepare food? Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking, baking, or discussing the day with your kids? If so, you may want to start your interior house painting endeavors in the kitchen!

The theory here is much the same as it is if you were to choose to start with your living room. You decide on the tone and the atmosphere of your kitchen, make it just how you want, and then extend that theme to the rest of the house. However, consider that a kitchen is a great place to add pops of color to the cabinets, a kitchen island, accent walls, or bar stools. That doesn’t mean the rest of the house should contain matching splashes of color.

Master Bedroom

If you decide to start painting your house in the bedroom, go with the master. A master bedroom is the next room in the house where you are likely to spend most of your time (and that doesn’t just account for sleeping!). The master is where you set the tone for your day, every day. For some couples and families, a master bedroom can even be a place to gather, such as at the end of the day for reading a book or calming down after a busy day. Besides, if your master bedroom is an eyesore or the paint job irritates you whenever you look at it, then you just need to start there.

Just remember that bedroom colors tend to be more muted and soothing for sleep, and if you don’t want that same color throughout the house, then at least pick a color that can easily complement a more vibrant color in the other rooms.