The paint on your home’s exterior does more than increase the curb appeal of your home. It also serves as protection against sun, rain, and wind. When the paint is worn away or unable to protect your home properly, the underlying materials are in danger of deteriorating or sustaining damage from weather elements or pests. You can determine when it’s time to contact a painting company in Atlanta by considering a few important factors.

Peeling Paint 

One of the most obvious signs that you need to repaint your home’s exterior is peeling paint. The early stages of peeling paint are cracked or bubbling paint, which eventually starts peeling away from the surface. Peeling paint can happen simply because the paint is old, but it can also occur when the paint wasn’t applied properly or when the surface was inadequately prepared before painting. Peeling paint is more than just unsightly; it can sometimes mean that there’s an underlying problem with the home’s exterior, and it makes it easier for water or sun damage to affect the surface as well. 

Damaged Exterior 

Damage to the exterior is a less obvious sign than peeling paint, but it’s just as concerning. If the wood or stucco has damage, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with dry rot. Dry rot can become costly if ignored, so if it looks like some of the boards on your home are shrinking or that gaps are getting larger, you need to contact paint contractors about repairs and repainting to minimize damage. Check a stucco surface for indented surfaces, which is a sign of underlying rot.

Faded Paint 

Fading paint doesn’t typically pose the same dangers as a damaged exterior or peeling paint, but it’s one of the first warning signs that you should consider repainting soon. Fading paint naturally occurs over time, and while it doesn’t indicate more damage, it does mean that the paint is nearing the end of its life expectancy.

Separated Caulk 

The caulk around doors and windows is another important protection for your home against moisture. Check around trim and other caulked areas to ascertain the condition of the caulk. If it’s separating, peeling, or cracking, it means that the seal is compromised and unable to keep out moisture and bugs. If the caulk is worthless, peel it away and check underneath for signs of rot. When the caulk separates, it’s often the time for repainting.


Mold is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored because of its ability to spread and cause serious damage to your home. If you notice any mold growth on the home’s exterior, especially in areas that don’t have the protection of paint and caulk, you should schedule repainting right away to address the mold.


Man Checking Old Paint on House  Repainting is often easier if it’s done before you notice signs like peeling paint and other damage. One factor to consider is how much time has passed since your home was last painted. Most homes need to be repainted every five to ten years. How long the paint lasts depends on the prep work and paint quality. Wood usually requires painting more often than aluminum siding or stucco.

Need for Change 

Finally, if you want to give your house a facelift to improve curb appeal, house painting in Atlanta is a great way to achieve this. New colors with a smooth finish can drastically improve your home’s appearance, so if you simply need a change, contact Fillo Painting today.