two painters working on a house

Brick is a durable option for your homes exterior and provides a timeless look for generations. However, the same brown and red colors can start to feel heavy, and you might be looking for a way to makeover your house. Painting your brick exterior can help give your property a fresh look and, if done right, can boost your home’s curb appeal. Here is a guide on how to properly paint your exterior.

Prep and Clean

Getting your home ready is one of the most important steps to making sure your house is painted well. You want the brick to be free of any dirt or debris that could catch the paint. If it’s not too dirty you could hose it down with some soapy water and scrub it clean. Pressure washers are also helpful in this case.

Once your house is dry, you’ll want to fill in any cracks as well as cover any surfaces you don’t want to get paint on. Mask off windows and trim with paper or plastic and be generous with painter’s tape.

Choose the Right Tools

When painting your home, you can choose to spray paint, brush paint, or roller paint the color on. The method you choose is up to your personal preference. Spray painting is the easiest way to go but takes more equipment. Rollers are better for working with brick that is more porous and can be used in combination with a hand brush to get the job done.

Pick Perfect Weather

Check the weather forecast before you jump into painting. This might be obvious, but you want to pick a day that doesn’t call for rain. Make sure to avoid anything that is too hot or cold because these conditions will affect the paint. Wind also isn’t helpful so plan for a day that is mild and warm.

Use Multiple Coats

While more coats require more time and work, layering your brick exterior more than once is a must. This not only ensures you’re getting every nook and cranny but also that the paint job will last. Two coats will take you a long way.

Let It Sit

Once you are finished painting, be patient and let your home completely dry out. While you are waiting you can brainstorm any other upgrades you’d like to make to the exterior to go along with the new coat of paint. You could change out the style of the mailbox or house fixtures, update your house numbers, or work on your landscaping.

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