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There’s a to-do list many of us have when going through a home project. When it comes to painting our home’s exterior, we’re focused on setting up the right time, choosing the color for the new coat of paint, and, most importantly, choosing the right professionals to do it.
When it comes to working with an exterior painting company like Fillo Painting, you want to make sure you’re working with the very best- people who are reliable and knowledgeable. Here are the essential questions you should ask your painting contractor before you hire them on for your project.

Does Your Business Have Insurance?

This is an important thing that all painting contractors should carry. There are two types of insurance that you should ask about- comprehensive business liability insurance and workmen’s compensation. The first one protects your property and the second protects the workers and yourself while the project is ongoing.

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

A clear picture of your project moving forward will help keep everything smooth and organized. When you ask companies for information, request that they include the estimated cost for prep work, materials like paint and primer, and any additional supplies they foresee using.

Who Will Be Working on the House?

You want to figure out who your main point of contact will be for this project as well as the type of crew that is going to show up at your house the day of painting. If the painting company uses subcontractors, ask them if a representative will also be onsite.

Do You Have Reviews or References I Can See?

Reviews, references, and past examples of their work can be a big indicator of what your experience working with your painting contractor will be. Reading other people’s thoughts can give you a good sense of whether or not this is the contractor for you as well as how effective they are at what they do.

What Materials Do You Use?

You want to look for someone that uses the highest-quality paints no matter your budget. They should be able to offer great options that will ensure your home’s paint job lasts.

What Kind of Prep Do You Do?

This gives you a good idea of your responsibilities versus their responsibilities before painting day. Will they help rinse off the exterior or fix anything that is in bad shape, or will you need to ensure it gets done beforehand? These are good things to know so you can make sure your home is ready to go. Additionally, ask if they re-hang gutters and downspouts after painting.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Any reputable painting company will be more than willing to back up their work. These should at least cover a couple of years after painting has been finished because that is when mistakes are most likely to show up. Ask for the details and then get it in writing after you’ve chosen your contractor.

Fillo Painting offers a 5 year warranty on all exterior painting services. We do all the prep work for you from pressure washing beforehand to priming, sanding, and scraping. Looking for some professional exterior painting help in Sandy Springs, Georgia? Contact Fillo Painting at (770) 769-7941 today and ask about our virtual estimates for our exterior painting services.