Painting fence blackOften homeowners miss the impact their fence has on their yard and home. The right fence color can get your home to stand out and accentuate your plants. It can create greater curb appeal and affect the first impression your home has on guests or potential buyers. A fence is more than a way to keep the pets in the yard or keep people out of it; it’s also an expression of how the occupants feel about their home and neighborhood. If your home needs to be perked up a little, professional painters in Marietta say choosing the right fence color can do a lot to make an old place look new again.

Paint It Black

A lot of people will shy away from black as a color that’s too dark or too aggressive. However, black allows the other colors to shine and acts like a neutral color. It also creates an edge that suggests a modern aesthetic for your home and yard. Black may not be a good color choice for people who live in hot climates where the sun shines a lot, but for those in more sedate climates, black makes a great statement.

The Blues

If your home is painted a neutral color or beige, a blue fence can help make it stand out better. Blue is a calming color that evokes thoughts of sky and water, which could add a more meditative quality to your yard and home. If you want to add some color to your home and yard, blue works wonders.

Gray Matter

Gray works with any color. So, regardless of what color your home is, a gray fence will be a complementary feature. If you need a little more texture to the gray, you can use a grain stain that will give you the color while allowing the natural wood grain to show through. Go with gray and use its neutrality to make your home pop!

Keep It Natural

Wood is beautiful because it’s natural. If you’re able to capture the grains and texture of your wood using a wood stain, your home will benefit from a rustic feel that exudes the power and peace of nature. It will also imply to others that your home is a place where you keep things the way they are either because of tradition or because it’s just better that way.

White picket fenceGo with the Classic

The American dream includes a white picket fence. It’s ingrained in the culture and has appeared as a specific plot point in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. However, white does have some value for homes, especially those that use white trim. If the fence and the trim are painted the same color, the whole property gets a unified look that allows people to see it as a whole. White also shows off the colors of the plants in the yard, so it’s great for those with brightly colored flowers.

If you want curb appeal, you don’t have to be avant-garde, just go with what works. Consulting with an experienced paint company can help make sure you don’t make a mistake with your color choices. For the best exterior painting in Marietta, contact Fillo Painting and schedule an appointment.