Natural wood trim can be a beautiful and unique addition to the outside of a home. It adds a character and personality that can only come from nature and integrating that into your home’s exterior can be a fun challenge for any aspiring designer. Finding the right paint color for your home and the wood you’ve chosen is a big part of that challenge, but there are a few paint color choices that almost always work well with exterior wood.


Deep Greens

Deep greens go extremely well with wood. We associate green with wood naturally, and deeper greens can be great matchups with both dark and light wood trims. Deep greens also do a good job of letting the wood’s character shine while still having a character of its own.


Light Gray

Light gray goes extremely well with darker, bolder wood features. The lighter color helps the color and character of the wood pop to the eye and highlights the framing of the home. This helps make the home feel as though each part of the exterior is a distinct section, making the home more visually interesting and highlighting the architectural elements of the home.


Deep Gray

Deep gray is a great color for showcasing natural wood features with a lot of character. The deeper color creates a great backdrop for these features to shine by drawing your eye to the standout color, grain, and organic features of the wood. Deep gray is also a great color for a home in general because, while being neutral, it still gives the home a feeling of depth and comfort.



Black is a bold choice for a home that can leave a bold impression. It goes well with both light and dark colored woods for a house’s exterior for different reasons. With dark exterior wood features, it creates a deep and modern feel that makes a statement and creates depth. With lighter wood features, it makes the wood the focal point of the home’s exterior. Either way, black leaves a standout impression when paired with wood.



White exteriors create, in the most literal sense, a black canvas for homeowners to design. This can be a great chance to highlight wood features that frame architectural elements that are unique to the home, because juxtaposing dark wood on white creates a stark contrast. It’s great for all homeowners because white’s ability to be customized leaves the level of boldness up to you! You could either create a very bold home with various dark wood features, or a comfortable understated exterior using only a few, lighter wood features.

There are many options when it comes to pairing exterior house colors with wood trim and other features. Every house is different, and the best way to find out what is going to work with your home is to talk to a paint professional! Contact us, Fillo Painting Contractors, at 770-769-7941 or get a free quote using our online estimator!