One of the best parts about having your own space is decorating it to suit your tastes and appeal to visitors. While every room requires attention to give them a distinct look, you’ll most likely spend the most time in your living room. The family room is where you spend a fair amount of time, especially if you often entertain guests. And while things like furniture and lighting are essential to your overall decor, you should remember not to neglect your paint job.

Interior painting can bring all your decorations together to create a warm, bright, and welcoming atmosphere. However, no matter which brilliant color you choose, each one has a different meaning behind it that can significantly change the feel of your sitting room.

Living Room Color Guide

If you want painted walls that fit your style, simply follow the color guide below.


Blue is one of the most common colors for a living room. By itself, It promotes a calm and soothing atmosphere that brings a sense of peace to the home that could be just what you or a guest need after a hard day. Brighter shades, like sky or powder blue, blend well with neutral tones like beige and cream. They come together to create a stabilizing space.


For a brighter, more modern-looking living room, white should be your color of choice. Most dismiss white as boring; however, its ability to blend well with any other shade gives you an unmatched variety of options when choosing your living room’s color palette. White by itself may leave your living room feeling lonely or empty, but you can make it represent anything you like with clever color choices.




The natural world is full of color, but none more abundant than the color green. Because of its connection to nature, soft green shades have come to represent spring, renewal, and good health, all perfect feelings to inspire in your living room. House plants can encourage similar sentiments, but a green paint job is the best way to get the most powerful sense of well-being.


Bright, sunny yellow is perfect for living rooms without much access to natural light. Enough artificial lighting shining on a yellow paint job promotes a bright and happy feeling in your living room. Unlike gentler colors, yellow’s vivid hue is energetic, giving you and visitors energy to face the rest of the day.  Use this color and lighter shades of furniture and flooring to simulate warmth, even on a cold day.


How to Get the Right Color For Your Living Room

Residents often have issues with the number of options presented to them during a home improvement project. There is such a wide range of colors and adornments that you can add to your property that it’s easy to become paralyzed with choice. However, choosing your living room’s look doesn’t have to be stressful.

Our professional painters at Fillo Painting will help you pick the best options to design your living space. Whichever style you want to present in your living room, we can find a color palette to match. We can also help with any exterior or interior painting project for your home. Contact us on our website or give us a call at (770) 796-4880 and make an appointment today!