Are you interested in giving your house a fresh dose of stylish color this year? Enlist the help of a painting contractor in Alpharetta. House painting is tough work, so you get superior results when you leave it to the pros.

Interior home painters can also provide a smooth, clean, and long-lasting paint job in the exact color that appeals to you. But there are some rules that you should know when you decide to paint your home, such as selecting the right paint colors. Here are the paint colors to avoid when painting your home.


Black is an essential decorative color. In fact, some designers recommend that you have something black in every room to add dark, mature color contrast – just not your walls! Dark colors tend to absorb light and make walls seem closer than they are. Black walls will make a room feel heavy, small, and intense – not the kind of place you want to spend your time! Not that dark paint colors are an across-the-board bad decision. They should be used in moderation. Try dark colors that are less intense than black, like medium gray or a saturated blue. Or, paint black accents like the back wall of built-in shelves or even a small accent wall. A professional painter may recommend black exterior paint to highlight small features like window shutters, doors, and railings.

Bright Green

Few colors remind the world of bygone decades like bright shades of green, including avocado, lime, chartreuse, and pastel. These paint colors are so vivid, bright, and acidic that they can actually make you feel uncomfortable. If there’s enough yellow mixed into a shade of green, it can even make you anxious. If you’re a fan of green, try a muted green or even a neutral color with hints of green, like a greenish-gray or off-white with green. Many house painters recommend dark green paint for home exteriors because it’s mature and sophisticated, while also lending a verdant look to your landscaping.


Dull, boring, monotone, uninteresting: take your pick. Tan is the boring color to rule them all – too light to be notable but not light enough to be crisp and clear. Light brown lacks any depth or complexity. Beige is too similar to the color of most wooden furniture. There are so many reasons why beige is the wrong color for any room of your home. Don’t worry; there are many more interesting alternatives if you like earth tones in your home. Try a dusty, sandy brown color with notes of red or even khaki. Light golden-brown lends elegance to any room. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with neutral paint colors as long as they add something interesting to their surroundings.


Dark Green Bedroom WallUnless the theme of your home is sinister, bright, fire-engine red is never a recommended paint color. It’s overstimulating and anxiety-producing. In bedrooms and living rooms, it can actually prevent relaxation. If you’re a fan of red, try painting your home colors that include shades of diluted red: mahogany, crimson, or desert pink, for example. The point is to mix something to dilute the red, so it’s not too hot and vibrant. In rare cases, bright red is a suitable color for home exteriors, but it mostly makes every house look like a barn.

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