A new coat of paint is the perfect way to upgrade the look of your home without breaking the bank or having to sit through weeks of disruptive renovations. Whether you’re using paint to refresh the exterior of the house or change the atmosphere of the rooms inside, there are endless ideas to choose from. Once you’ve decided on your mini “remodel”, you’ll be shocked at the entirely new energy your home gives off simply with a new coat of paint.

Be Bold with Color

There are ways to add a pop of color to your house that can brighten the look completely. Take something like a front door or windows for example. These are small features of your home that can drastically change the appearance of your house when repainted.

Those working on brightening the interior who aren’t looking to repaint the entire home can focus on accent walls that add personality to a room. A dark green wall against one side of a home office or a light blue accent in the living room can do a lot to transform the space.

Try Out Monochromatic Color Schemes

If you’re someone that feels like there’s almost too much going on in the space, let paint take your space to the opposite side of the spectrum. For the outside of our homes, this could look like painting it all white or black to create a stark, modern statement.

On the inside, choose colors that will create a nice flow from one room to the next. A nice beige or cream will look great paired with some good lighting. No need to worry about baseboards, fireplaces, or moldings along the wall. Getting the same color in there will allow the rest of the home to blend while your décor is given the opportunity to stand out.

Tackle One Space at a Time

You don’t have to have vision boards for your entire home to get a paint crew in. Working on one area or room first is a great way to get the inspiration to work on everything else. This may mean focusing on spaces like your kitchen where you can bring in new colors for the walls and cabinets that will make you feel excited about tackling the next project or just your front door and any decorative accents that will cheer you up as soon as you get home.

Small Touch-ups Make a Difference

If you’re really unsure of what you’re looking for, sometimes the fresh coat of the same color is really all your home needs. A touch-up can bring new life to old paint and erase any blemishes that a wall has accumulated over the years. For those that are just wanting to start somewhere, touch-up the trim or refresh your bathroom or kitchen paint.

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