Windows can easily determine the feel of a room or entire house. They impact how much natural light the home has, how open rooms feel, and how weather-proof the home is. Choosing a window that fits you and your home is a big deal, and there are many options to choose from! Here are some things to consider when choosing the best type of window for your home, and some of the various window types that are out there.


Why Are You Getting New Windows?

The first thing you should make clear when considering new windows is why you’re looking for them. There are many reasons to repair, replace, or upgrade your windows, and understanding your goals will help you narrow down what type of windows you should look for. Here are some examples of questions to consider:

    • Are your windows aging or in poor condition? This could lead to loss of energy in the house, a place for mold and pests to enter the home, and hurt your home’s aesthetics.
    • Are you looking to change the design of a room or the entire house? This could require a large amount of work, but new windows and unique designs can raise the value of a home, increase access to natural light, and increase energy efficiency.
    • Are you using the best materials for your home and environment? This can help you choose frame material and glass type while helping you save on energy.


Consider the Design

Once you have a goal in mind, it’s important to consider the design of the window. Do you want the window to be able to open? If so, you could consider double and single hung, sliding, or casement windows. If you don’t need the window to be able to open or are looking for a unique window shape, picture and fixed windows are great choices.

There are many different types of windows, all of which come with pros and cons. When it comes to window design, it’s best to speak with a professional to discover how you can best implement your design wants and needs with your specific home. Whether your goals are energy efficiency or purely aesthetic you can reach out to us at Fillo Painting for advice.


Choose the Right Glass

Glass is quite possibly the most important aspect of window replacement, especially when considering energy efficiency. If you’re looking for a way to increase your home’s energy efficiency, replacement glass is a great place to start.

There are three main things to consider with window glass. First, should you go with double or triple pane windows? The number of panes has a massive impact on the energy efficiency of the window. Secondly, what type of gas fills the window? Argon and Krypton provide different benefits, but both protect your home from too little or too much heat transfer. Finally, will you get glass with low-E glaze? Low-E glaze helps to reduce heat transfer and reflect sunlight, which helps your home maintain consistent temperatures.


Choose a Frame Material

The window’s frame material will also be a large part of what determines your window’s energy efficiency, but it will mainly impact how much maintenance is required for your window. Here are some examples of common frame materials and some benefits of each:

    • Vinyl is probably one of the most common and affordable options for window frames. Despite its low cost, vinyl is high in value because its low need for maintenance, resistance to damage and weather, and good energy efficiency if installed and maintained properly.
    • Wood is a classic choice for window frames. They require more maintenance and don’t do well in environments that are consistently wet or humid due to the potential for rot, but if maintained properly wood can last the life of the home while providing the best insulation of any frame material.
    • Aluminum is a fantastic material for weather-intensive climates. Highly weatherproof and very strong, aluminum frames can last a very long time under intense circumstances with very little maintenance. They aren’t great for insulation though, as metal transfers heat and cold quickly.

There are many questions to consider when replacing or upgrading your windows. Reach out to Fillo Painting for professional advice on the best window type for your home.