Painting the interior of your home comes with lots of decisions from the color to the type of paint. We’re here to go over recommendations for each of these to make your next interior painting project easier to navigate.


Kitchens see a lot of traffic which means it is recommended to avoid matte paints that may be more difficult to clean off or wipe down. Instead, opt for a satin or eggshell paint. These are popular sheens that make cleaning up messes much easier.

Warm paint colors are great for the kitchen. Picking out tones like cream, orange, or other citrusy colors fit well because they are upbeat while also fitting with the purpose of the kitchen- food! These colors are known for stimulating appetite and also helping digestion. They also create a warm and welcoming kitchen to cook in.


Bedrooms aren’t seeing too much traffic and are relatively low impact areas unless you have a little kid that loves doodling over their room. However, these low-impact areas are usually able to offer much more flexibility with the type of paint. You can use anything from a flatter or more matte paint to one with a nice sheen like those with an eggshell finish.

Sticking with a relaxing color with your bedroom is ideal because this is your place of rest at the end of a long day. This is why shades of blue, green or white can be helpful for lowering stress levels and creating a calming atmosphere. People tend to avoid browns, gray tones, or anything too saturated.


Ideally, bathrooms should be painted over with glossy paints. Anything from a satin or semi-gloss finish to a full-on glossy finish will work well. This is because they are moisture-resistant and form a hard layer that blocks out water especially when the bathroom gets humid from hot showers.

Softer colors in the bathroom are great for creating an inviting space. Going with whites, pastels, peaches, or other neutrals can help create more light in the bathroom. These are also great options that will flatter your skin tone.

Living Room

Living rooms can be viewed in a similar way as bedrooms. These are areas that do not see much activity unless you have small children. Other than that, it is usually safe to go for a matte finish if that’s what you would prefer. Otherwise, you can use something with more sheen like a semi-gloss paint to make cleanups easier.

These rooms can handle more stimulating colors like maroon or gray. Just try to avoid anything that is too bright. Muted colors are better for creating a cozy space while also implementing a hint of intrigue.

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