One of the biggest myths about interior painting is the idea that plain white paint will brighten a dark room more than any other color. Due to this myth, many people miss out on the brightening qualities of many paint colors.

Consider some of the following color schemes for your darker room. While white may feel like the natural choice, we guarantee that any of these color schemes will make your room shine brighter than white!

Pastels, such as lavender, light pink, powder blue, and pale yellow add delicate touches of light to a dark room. If warmth is needed, consider chocolate brown, ochre, or any of today’s popular shades of gray. While many people shy away from very bright colors, a dark room provides a great opportunity to try something different. Bright colors, such as warm orange, hot pink, lime green, and bright yellow are guaranteed to light up any room.

If you’re stumped about how to handle paint color in a dark room, contact Fillo Painting for a professional consultation. We’ll help you select a color that highlights a room’s beautiful qualities while downplaying its weaknesses, such as a lack of natural light or small square footage. Known as Atlanta’s best home painting company, Fillo Painting offers free consultations. We’ll visit your home, take natural light and room size into consideration, and offer you a variety of professionally selected colors to choose from, along with a fair and honest quote. Call us today at 770-769-7641 to reserve your free consultation.