Choosing bathroom floors requires a different mindset and set of considerations. These areas of our home get a lot more wear and tear than other places. There is a lot more to account for when picking out something that looks good and lasts long.

Factors to Consider

We all know that our bathrooms have the potential to get extremely messy and will require water-resistant surfaces that are durable. You may have rambunctious toddlers that splash around during bath time or a dog that’s always getting into mud. These are just a few examples for why you need to pick out something that is waterproof and safe (i.e. keeps you from slipping).

Try These Options


You can go with porcelain or ceramic tile when choosing this option. They are both available in a variety of colors and designs and also fit exactly what is needed for a bathroom. These hold up great against water and can even handle puddles of standing water which means you can use the same design for the floor as you do inside the shower. Another benefit to tile is that it is easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to germs like other options would, making it a convenient and safe option.


Vinyl is an inexpensive option that fits the bill for bathroom floors and does not limit design options for homeowners. This is a versatile material because it can look like tile, stone, or even wood while still providing the essential waterproof, durable, and scratch resistant qualities.


Natural stone has also become a popular bathroom flooring option in recent years for the modern and sleek look they provide. These have many of the same benefits as tile does such as durability and waterproof surfaces. There are also a variety of colors and patterns to select from which works well for those with bold visions for their bathroom design. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that stone requires more upkeep and is a pricier option than other flooring.


For those who have concrete foundations or subfloors, staining and finishing what is already there is an option for bathroom flooring. This is another inexpensive way to go while still having beautiful floors. Be careful, though, because concrete tends to be more slippery than other materials so you’ll need to add some non-slip additives or coverings.

Stay Away from These Options

Wondering if there are flooring options to completely avoid? Think along the lines of safe, durable, and waterproof for these as well. This means it is best not to use carpet or hardwood for your floors. While carpet provides soft surfaces and wood looks beautiful, these are both options that spoil quickly with water. You don’t want mold and mildew-filled carpets or warped and rotted floorboards. We’d advise staying away from these materials and sticking with something that won’t give you headaches down the road.

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