Painting WallIn business, first impressions are key. Nothing makes a bigger first impression on your customers than your building. When your office or store is clean and well-maintained, you appear more professional and trustworthy to new clients. But when your building looks run-down, the paint is chipping, and the walls are covered in dirt, you may scare away new business. Avoid this entirely by maintaining your building’s commercial paint job. Use the guide below to clean your building and keep the paint looking like new for a long time to come.

Start with a Clean Slate

For any project or maintenance plan, you must begin with a clean slate. Otherwise, your maintenance schedule will get off track quickly. Begin by power washing the building. Pressure washing eliminates stuck-on dirt, dust, pollen, grime, and other pollutants. Keeping your building clean can help to make your current paint job last longer, so be sure to pressure wash the property on a regular basis, too. Cleaning the exterior of your business is a significant part of your maintenance plan. It will make your company appear cleaner, more professional, and all-around more appealing to your clients.

Identify Problems

Periodically inspect your building’s exterior, too. Natural elements like rain, sun, and air pollution can take their toll on your paint and gradually cause it to deteriorate. Every so often, walk around the building and look for signs of damage like faded areas, stripped paint, and other small issues. If you notice anything, hire your commercial painting contractors in Marietta, GAto perform repairs and touch-ups. By tackling the concern while it is still small, you can prevent it from growing into a larger, more costly, and more difficult to fix problem.

Keep an Eye on Problem Areas

Does one part of your building seem to need cleaning or repairs more often than the other regions? If you know about any of your property’s problem areas, keep an extra close eye on them. Be sure to check for mold, mildew, and rust, too. All of these naturally-occurring elements can damage your paint job and, eventually, the structure of the building. Keep up with your maintenance plan so you can protect your paint and easily identify problem areas before they become dangerous and cause serious damage. If a problem persists for a long time, even with your regular maintenance, you may need to call in a professional for assistance.

Power WashingPerform Interior Maintenance

What goes on inside your business also has an effect on its exterior paint. Faulty machinery, specifically leaking air conditioners, is one of the leading causes of exterior paint damage. Make sure all of the machinery in your office is working properly and is not harming the building. You may also need to repair and repaint the walls if the destruction is severe.

Hire Professionals

Commercial properties require a lot of work. With running your business already on your plate, it can be a relief to hire someone else to maintain your building and its exterior paint. If your building needs repairs or repaints, contact your contractors to handle it for you. They will handle the project professionally and ensure your building looks as good as new once more.

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