The Cape Cod-style home is a classic, traditional type of home that has never gone out of style. In fact, to this day, homes across the US have attempted to imitate this style of simple, sophisticated luxury. Here’s how house painters in Kennesaw, GA, uses paint to freshen up a Cape Cod home.

About Cape Cod Homes

The Cape Cod home originated between 1710 and 1850 in New England. English settlers built coastal homes in an easily recognizable design. These homes are marked by their symmetry; simple, rectangular foundation; angled roof; dormer windows; and clapboard wood siding. There are other decorative details that are often associated with Cape Cod homes, including double-hung windows, shutters, and even specific color schemes.

Color is particularly important to creating the Cape Cod vibe, especially because features clapboard-style siding, angled roofs, and window shutters are incredibly common in most contemporary homes. So how do you make your house look true to Cape Cod design when there are so many modern imitators? Rely on exterior paint.

The Cape Cod Palette

Color creates a mood and gives your home a distinct personality, so choosing the right exterior paint colors for your home can create a beautiful, Cape Cod-style design. In general, the Cape Cod color palette refers to its natural environment. Earthy colors in a wide range of shades that extend from dark to very light are essential to the Cape Cod design aesthetic. This region is beachy and breezy with cold winters, warm summers, and a lush natural environment. Greenery, big beautiful skies, light sands, stormy clouds, and deep blue waters give Cape Cod its distinct feel.

Call a professional painting contractor to discuss the following exterior paint colors. These are some options that can give your house a Cape Cod aesthetic.

Light Tan

Sandy and bright, a light tan paint color is a great choice for your home exterior. It has a natural hue that’s welcoming and also happens to be incredibly versatile. Paint exterior walls light tan, then complement them with dark, moody shades of navy blue or pine green. Tan can be boring on large swaths of a wall without a color complement, so be sure to add some color diversity around window frames, roof eaves, and other features. Or, choose a shade of tan that has notes of blue or gray to make it more complex and interesting.

Dark Ocean Blue

Cape Cod isn’t known for clear, jewel-like, and bright blue waters–as tropical environments are so known. Rather, Cape Cod’s waters are dark, deep, and more opaque in their beauty. So, if you want to select a shade of blue for your home exterior, choose something with a darker, more intense energy. Dark sea blue is a great choice for home exterior walls because it matches with just about everything. It’s also bold without being too eccentric. Many painting services recommend blue paint to spruce up dull home exterior walls.


White is light, breezy, and airy, and the Cape Cod home uses this brightness to balance out intense, bold, beachy colors. Use white as an accent color, or paint your exterior walls white and use darker paint around architectural accents. Off-white with a hint of green or blue will have a cool, luxurious vibe that’s perfect for Cape Cod. You can’t go wrong with a layer of white paint on any home exterior.

So, if you’re ready to give your home an updated look, seek professional painting services and look no further than Fillo Painting. We’re the most trusted name in exterior painting in Kennesaw, GA. Call us today to schedule a high-quality paint job.