Keeping the exterior of your home looking good does more than just enhance your curb appeal. The paint and caulk that you use also serves as the first line of defense against whatever mother nature throws at your house. When paint begins to peel and blister, it means that it’s no longer protecting your home from the elements. While you may be considering hiring a painting company in Alpharetta, here are a few tips to keep in mind should you decide to tackle the job yourself.

1. Paint choice – Both latex and oil based paints have their advantages. Latex paint has low odor and cleans up easily. Oil based paints require mineral spirits to clean up but paint contractors in Alpharetta like them because of their durability. If you’re painting over existing oil-based paint with a latex paint, make sure that you use a good primer to ensure a solid bond between the old and new paint.

2. Prep – The exterior of your home must be prepped carefully. This means removing all dirt and grime. Additionally, you want to make sure you remove any loose, peeling or blistering paint to ensure adhesion of the new paint.

3. Application – While you may be tempted to just roll it on, you will need a brush as well. Start by brushing the paint on areas that the roller can’t reach, then fill in the rest with the roller.

4. Start high – You’ll get a better finish, and a more even application, if you start at the top and work your way down.

5. Mind the weather – Know how long it’s going to take your paint to dry and keep an eye on the weather. Nothing’s worse than a storm rolling in and washing off your hard work.

Following these tips will help ensure that the exterior of your home looks beautiful for many years. However, if the idea of completing your exterior house painting project in Alpharetta seems like too much of a task, consider hiring professionals to complete the job for you.