Is your home in need of an exterior paint job? If so, make sure you’ve done some work before the paint goes on for a flawless job that doesn’t take forever. Check out these 5 tips for a successful exterior paint job:

  • Test for lead: Homes built before the 1980s that still has its original paint needs to be tested for lead. This protects you and anyone else working on removing old paint.
  • Scrape off loose paint: Scrape off as much old, loose paint as you can to avoid weird, discolored patches.
  • Power wash the home: Before painting, make sure you’re working on a clean surface. Power washing gets rid of mildew stains and other debris so that the new paint adheres well.
  • Sand rough spots: After scraping off paint and power washing, sand down spots for a smooth finish.
  • Fill in holes: If there’s any damage to the home’s exterior, get it fixed before you paint. Replace broken siding and fill in holes for a beautiful and flawless paint job.

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