Anne was excited to be a homeowner. So much so that she didn’t mind the rooms were on the smaller end. Well, she did mind a little bit. But, she was thrilled to be a homeowner nonetheless! However, after she did a little research, Anne was able to make her home feel a little larger, regardless of the actual measurements. With some interior painting tips and decor planning—Anne transformed her home into her dream home. You can too—here’s how. 

Average Room Square Footage

The average room is about 132 square feet (about 11 ft by 12 ft). To put that in perspective, a queen bed is about 5 feet by 7 feet! If you have a bed in your average bedroom (per usual), then it would take up the majority of the room. So what can you do? How can you make the room look bigger? We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you.

Your Guide to Larger-Looking Rooms

Even without changing the actual size of your room, you can change how large it looks with simple interior painting tips like the following:

Paint the Ceiling

One of our best interior painting tips is to paint the ceiling white. With a white ceiling, the room instantly has an increased brightness while adding the illusion of overall height that can drastically change the feel of your room.

Use Decor Strategically

Taller, thinner decorations lengthen the overall appearance of the room. Try things like curtains, long rods, or space efficient corner bookshelves.

Elongate Walls

If you can make the walls look longer, you’ll make the whole room look larger too! Mirrors create an illusion of space, so try to hang a few around the room. Hanging large mirrors or placing tall furniture pieces (like an armoire) can give you those additional inches that make all the difference!

Strategic Wall Colors

Be strategic with your wall colors; lighter colors create a feeling of space and openness. Small, cramped homes will only look more busy with dark walls, which will only accentuate your problem, not mitigate it.

Design With Rugs

Rugs can add texture and design to a room, but they also have the power to make any space look larger. If you want to create an illusion of openness with your rugs—go for ones that are on the large side for an optimal transformation!

Fillo Painting: Your Go-To for Implementing Interior Painting Tips

If you too feel like Anne and are ready to make the most out of your home, why not seek help? Our interior painting tips are just the beginning. You can optimize your home in a way that creates an illusion of openness no matter the space you have to work with! Fillo Painting can help make your home feel more spacious, and we’ll take care of all the hard work for you. 

Whether you want some help or a complete redo, we have the skills to help you create a beautiful home. Contact us to get started on making your dream home today!