Should you paint the walls white or off-white? It’s time to choose paint colors for your business, and you thought it would be easy. Don’t most offices have boring walls? That depends on you. While there’s nothing wrong with clean white or neutral paint colors, you’re not limited to either for the interior walls of your business. Business owners in Atlanta like to make a statement. You can too! Get inspired with these five decorative paint ideas for your business. If you want a professional opinion contact a company that specializes in the repaint of commercial buildings in Atlanta.

Say Hello with Color

The reception area is the first point of contact for clients and other visitors to your business. Making a good first impression depends on how welcomed visitors feel. Warm colors such as yellows and corals create a warm, welcoming ambiance. When choosing colors for the reception area think about how this area functions for your business. Is it a waiting room for a medical practice? Patients visiting doctors or dentists often feel anxious. Paints in blue and green hues create calm and relaxing environments. A good commercial painting company in Atlanta can help you determine which paint colors are best for your business.

Office Space

The temptation is to throw a coat of white or eggshell on the walls and be done with it. With the growing trend of open office space, paint color should get as much thought as the reception area. The reception area color primarily affects visitors who will only spend a short time there. Staff spends most of their working hours in the office space, and color can have a psychological effect, which may impact productivity and job satisfaction. Most people don’t respond well to work environments with dark or bold wall color. If you’re considering bold or bright colors think about painting most wall space in lighter hues of blue or green, which both encourage calm, relaxed, and hopeful feelings. Use a bold shade on one or two accent walls. If your staff tends to have low energy, use yellows and oranges, which inspire productivity and create energetic vibes.

Meeting Time

Meeting rooms are often used as multipurpose areas. If you use your meeting space only for meetings, use cool colors. Cool is calming. In meeting rooms sometimes employees need calming, and sometimes it’s the person running the meeting who needs calm nerves. Turquoise is often used in spaces where a calm atmosphere is desirable. Maybe you use your meeting rooms for training too. Yellow encourages retention of information, which is important for employees in training. You might not want to paint the entire room yellow, but a yellow accent wall would be great.

Warm Things Up

Beige and stone, both neutral colors create a warm, professional feeling in a business environment. Paint all walls in one of these hues, but don’t paint a dark accent wall. Instead, use color as accents in artwork, lamps, and office furnishing. Using the main color in your logo as an accent color allows you to use branding in a subtle, professional manner. Neutral colors always offer a clean palette for you to personalize with a color or colors important to your business.

The Break Room

Staff may not spend as much time in the break room as they do in their work space, but the same color principles apply when choosing paint colors for this business area. How do you want employees to feel when they’re in the break room? Most employees spend time in the break room as a way of relaxing or enjoying the company of co-workers. Paint the break room orange if you want staff to feel energized. Purple and yellow are also high-energy colors but should only be used as accent colors not to cover the entire wall space.

Now, it’s time to pick your paint color. If you’re still not sure, consult with one of the best commercial painting contractors in Atlanta. Professional painters are familiar with color trends and painting techniques and can help you refresh the look in your office space. Call Fillo Painting today! We’d love to give you an office make-over.