Ideally, your bedroom should be your oasis. A tranquil, relaxing environment that allows you to forget the worries of the day. While decorations and throw pillows do their part, one of the most effective ways to create your perfect bedroom is with color. Wall paint makes a huge impact, especially if you coordinate it carefully with other elements. Interior painters in Woodstock can help to give you an enchanting bedroom that offers the wonders and comforts you’ve always wanted.


When it comes to white, you don’t want to aim for merely clean. An overabundance of white could make your bedroom seem sterile. Instead, choose warmer undertones for your white walls. Subtle nuances make a big difference. Compare and contrast samples of white until you find something with a touch of warmth and character. It’ll still give you the endless versatility of white, while simultaneously providing a little bit of nuance.


With blue, you have two main options. You can choose dark or light. Darker shades of blue tend to be cooler and a bit more intense. If you want a cozy cave for the evening, darker blues work well. For more complexity, go with a dark blue that has hints of gray or green. This allows you to pair accessories or furniture in your bedroom more easily.

Light blues are warmer. If you use your bedroom as a reading room, you may want something a bit brighter. With a light blue, you can still create an atmosphere that’s quite comfortable. However, it may be less a cave for hibernation and more of a day room or lounge. They’re both viable approaches. It’s up to you to choose the blue that suits your needs and personality.


A grass green or sea-foam green crafts a space that’s reminiscent of spring. This is great if you like to get up in the morning feeling energized and ready to take on the world. It also pairs well with neutral colors. You could transform your bedroom into a sandy beach if you like.

A forest grove is another possibility. Darker greens, like a forest or hunter green, tend to work better with browns. For some people, this might seem more intense. If you want a wilderness getaway that feels isolated and safe from the rest of the world, it’s certainly a viable option.


Neutral colors give you many ways to tackle your bedroom. This is why interior painters often love to default to neutral tones. With a neutral color palette, you give yourself a lot of ways to adapt and make something that’s truly personal. A faded gray, pale brown, or dull sage can be coordinated with a wide array of other colors. This allows neutral colors to blend in very well with whatever decorative approach you have in mind. If you’re not yet comfortable choosing something bolder or more intense, you might consider a neutral color as a default starting point.


When people think of purple, they often think of an eggplant purple or magenta. These are eye-catching colors that are often used to make a statement. However, you might consider shades of violet as well. Cobalt violet and manganese violet are less intense, and they can be excellent choices for a bedroom. If you want a bedroom that truly expresses your personality and makes a powerful first impression, purple can definitely deliver.

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