Are you looking for a fun new paint pattern for the interior of your home? Paint patterns can add personality and comfort to any room in the house. Bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are all great places for an inventive and exciting pattern to really show off the finer points of your home. Here are 3 ideas for paint patterns in your home.


You’ve seen or heard of bathrooms being superhero or cartoon themed before, but why limit the creativity to the children’s bathroom? While you might not be looking for a familiar television cartoon, theme, a checkered paint pattern can add an element of class and cleanliness to an otherwise bare looking bathroom wall while vertical stripes give a more orderly feel. Or, let your inner child out and do a zigzag pattern up to the ceiling. A popular trend of diagonal lines with a colored paint gradient will look stylish for years to come. Let the creativity come out the next time you want to re-paint your bathroom. Remember to ask your local paint contractors for help or suggestions!


Can you guess which room the average American family spends most of their time in? You guessed it! The kitchen is typically the most active room in the house, as guests, family dinners, food preparation, and afternoon snacks usually all happen here. Despite this, kitchens usually lack any kind of inventive paint pattern during the lifetime of the home. Checkered patterns can add a nostalgic feel, as that trend was popular only a few decades ago. A good color theme can accentuate the look of the cabinets and can properly illustrate the finer points of your beautiful kitchen, while drawing attention away from unsightly dishwashers and microwaves and sinks. Be comfortable in the room you and your family spend the most time in with a beautiful paint pattern.


Did you know that certain colors of paint are prone to keeping you awake? Getting the opportunity to repaint your personal bedroom can really influence your job performance, as the quality of your sleep could dramatically improve. A paint pattern that accentuates the personality of you and your partner can help you accomplish more in your busy life. Four blank walls can get boring over the lifetime of your home, while getting a particular paint color with a pattern that complements your personality can boost productivity and also help you get to bed at night. You deserve a great night’s rest, a new paint job and pattern can help you and your partner for decades to come.

Getting a new paint pattern for your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom can change the atmosphere and appearance of your home! Visit your local paint contractors in Alpharetta today!