newly painted house with driveway and lawn

Creating a cohesive exterior color scheme for your home or when you repaint a house is the goal for homeowners. If you’ve been struggling to decide on your color choices, we’re here to help! It can be hard to settle on the perfect palette for your exterior but with these tips, you’ll be on your way to painting in no time.

Three-Color Color Scheme

If you’re overwhelmed with color options and aren’t sure which color should go where, go for a three-color color scheme. This means choosing three colors to work as a dominant color, an accent color, and a highlight color. These do not have to be different and can even be shades of the same color. A good bet is to pick one color for your home, one for the frames and archways, and a third to stand out in places like your front door.

Matching Exterior Paint Colors

Sometimes choosing the color palette for your home really centers on what material it is made out of. Pick colors that will complement what is already there. Brick or stone homes, for example, have warmer tones. You can pick out warmer neutrals for larger areas and then a more distinct warm highlight to brighten up the space. A yellow toned stone house would look great with cream window frames and a rust color door.

Front Door Paint Colors

The front door helps set the atmosphere for our homes especially because this is the first place guests walk through. A bright color that stands out against the rest of the home is usually a good bet for this. Red, blue, or even black are great options to consider.

Class Color Palettes

Sticking with tried-and-true colors is one idea if you’re stuck. We’ve all seen classic white porches, window frames, and trim that balances perfectly with a warm beige house. This is a great option for those that are wanting something simple. You can even swap out the beige for a different color of preference such as coffee brown, maroon, or forest green.

Neutral Color Schemes

If you have no clue where to go with colors, that’s okay. Just take the neutral route. While multicolor homes can be interesting to look at, a single, neutral colored house is really capable of holding its own. In these cases, you can use landscaping techniques and hardware like outdoor lights, mailboxes, door handles, etc. to add more of a design element to it.

Using the Color Wheel

When in doubt, reference the color wheel. This gives you a great preview of how some colors will fit together. When you get a feel for a color scheme, try it out in different hues and saturations. For example, primary colors like red, green, and blue may seem like too much at once but if you adjust the brightness and pick out deeper versions of each, they can come together nicely.

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